At Memsahib, we pride ourselves on the exquisite craftsmanship we have available to us from India. Our jackets are hand-embroidered in Kashmir by skilled craftsman who are dedicated to their profession.

Memsahib Collections of London Craftsmanship in India

I heard an illuminating talk at the Nehru Centre in London’s South Audley Street by top British Fashion Industry consultants. On comparing the Indian hand made quality to the machine made equivalent, Indian hand made embroidery is said to have soul.

The energy of hours spent dedicated to creating beautiful pieces by craftsmen who come from a long lineage of centuries comes through into each skilled piece.




handmade silk jackets india

Centuries ago, Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic cultures met and mingled in the Kashmir Valley as well as artisans from Central Asia, Persia and Turkestan who settled in the area.

One of the many exquisite arts like Papier Machier and Sozni embroideries for which this area is known, is the intricate chain stitch called ari, which served as the inspiration for our timeless 100% merino wool jacket.

Rich red and spice-hued flowers, long paisley on a canvas of black wool and silk are typical of the elegant coverlets that have been embroidered in Kashmir for centuries. The flattering fit includes a Nehru collar with buttons and side slits, and lined with cotton fabric.
We do hope you enjoy the collection.
Malika Bagai