Swarovski Crystal Shawls

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Super sophisticated Swarovski Crystal shawls

This is the most stunning collection of shawls. Made of 100% pure cashmere, each shawl is embellished with dazzling Swarovski crystals in different designs making these the ultimate glamorous accessory to wear to any elegant occasion.

Perfect for smart summer outdoor events such as Glyndebourne or the Queen’s Garden Party but also ideal for adding a touch of sparkle to your evening wedding outfit. Or why not pack one or two in your suitcase and wear at dinner on your Caribbean cruise? These shawls will ensure that any outfit you wear will be a showstopper. Not just for the summer months, they can be worn as a cosy wrap in autumn and winter over a little black dress out for dinner at The Ivy.

Our gorgeous black cashmere shawls come with crystals in a gold flower design, a red or gold rain design or a gold stripe design. Or choose our vibrant turquoise cashmere shawl with pink crystals, or the lilac shawl with a silver Greek design border, both perfect colours for your beach resort holiday, over a summer maxi dress. Our cream cashmere shawls come with a variety of crystal designs, including a silver or gold lines rain design and a gold Greek design border. Other colours of shawl include yellow or yellowy green.

These shawls can be worn over any of our jackets or kaftans too, to give a classic and elegant layered look. Pair a shawl with a similar coloured jacket or kaftan or try a new colour combination and create a look which will inspire others.

One of our longest-standing clients, Patricia Pennefather, says: “I rely on Memsahib for quality and impact and wearing your beautiful clothes is a great confidence booster!” (See the photos of Patricia on our testimonial page looking incredible in our Princess Jackets in shocking pink and turquoise.)

These glamorous crystal shawls are beautiful, and you probably won’t want to stop at one! Wrap up and show off!

Featured in British Vogue as London’s Best Kept Secret, and worn by British and European Royalty, Memsahib won’t be secret for long.