Craig Pruess ~ The Sacred Chants of Buddha

Whilst on holiday on New Delhi I discovered this very popular music by Craig Pruess. It is perfect for creating tranquility and relaxation whilst doing yoga or meditation at home and I’ve even heard it as a great accompaniment to fireworks at a party!

More on Craig Pruess..

‘Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, record producer and seasoned arranger, Craig is also a sound designer and sound engineer with a great wealth of experience and technical expertise, which shows in his unique and crystal clear recordings. Indian music is a very old and powerful tradition, with intricate knowledge of the connection between sound/vibration and the human body and emotions. Craig has also studied Ayur-Veda (the science of perfect health), and his approach to music and recording is a totally life integrating and life affirming undertaking.

“Sacred Chants of Buddha” was originally commissioned by the Times of India record label in Mumbai, Times Music.’

Do have a listen below..!

And if you’d like to purchase the album on iTunes click here:

Sacred Chants of Buddha

To read more on the work of Craig Pruess click here:

Craig Pruess

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