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Stunning silk Ismail Jackets

Our Ismail jackets scream summer weddings! These beautiful pure silk jackets are the perfect wardrobe piece for the mother of the bride or groom to wear to this important day. Or, equally ideal for any wedding guest wanting to make an impact! Lightweight for the summer months, these knee-length jackets have a Nehru collar and elaborate swirling embroidery along the edges and floral patterns in the middle of the jacket.

The Ismail style was designed by Memsahib as a special tribute to Ismail Merchant, the celebrated Indian film producer, who produced ‘A Room with a View’ starring Helena Bonham-Carter CBE. The jacket is adapted from one of his own collection, as seen at Christie’s Auction House, in commemoration of his life.

Choose from one of three styles of this jacket: black with white embroidery, pale pink with silver embroidery or pale pink with cream embroidery.

Not just for weddings though, these jackets are suitable for any summer social event. Think Ascot with a hat, sipping Pimms at Wimbledon Tennis or even for a smart garden party teamed with leggings or trousers and ballet flats. Add one of our shawls or pashminas in complementary colours for an extra layer.

One of our longest-standing clients, Patricia Pennefather, says: “I rely on Memsahib for quality and impact and wearing your beautiful clothes is a great confidence booster!” Patricia is a big fan of our jackets and has worn them to many an occasion. (See the photos of her on our testimonial page wearing our Princess Jackets in shocking pink and turquoise with pearls and a fascinator.)

Wow at that wedding in one of our stunning Ismail Jackets – and try not to upstage the bride!

Featured in British Vogue as London’s Best Kept Secret, and worn by British and European Royalty, Memsahib won’t be secret for long.